Hollis Receives Lü Interactive Playground to Help Build STEM Initiatives

Math, but make it fun! Hollis Innovation Academy students received a Lü Interactive Playground thanks to AT&T and the Westside Future Fund! The telecommunications company has donated $200,000 toward the $16.4 million pledge from Westside Future Fund. The contribution supports STEM-based education at Hollis Innovation Academy.

The Lü Interactive Playground is described as a system that transforms traditional school environments into immersive and interactive spaces, using a vast catalog of purposeful activities and world-class audiovisual equipment.

The school launched the program during a Friday morning assembly, where students were paired into teams. Classmates cheered each other on as team members competed to solve math problems. Students seemed to enjoy the fast pace game and the entire visual experience.

Dr. Diamond Ford, principal of Hollis Innovation Academy, is excited to receive this new way of impactful learning.

“This investment will make a tremendous difference as we make Hollis Academy an innovative learning model that benefits our students, families and the surrounding community,” Ford said.

The K-8 school already has plans to use the Lü Interactive Playground not only for educational purposes, but for community meeting structures and an indoor recess activity during inclement weather.

The playground is expected to integrate perfectly into the structure of Hollis Innovation Academy, as most students are already using technology at home and in the classroom.

As a STEM focused school, Hollis looks forward to further integrating technology in all areas of its programming.

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