Race2Read: APS Reads 1 Million Minutes in 1st Month of our New 10 Million Minutes Challenge

Atlanta Public Schools is excited to re-launch our district-wide reading campaign, APS Race2Read! This year, we’re challenging students, teachers, staff, parents and community to read daily and collectively reach 10 million minutes of reading by the end of the 2019-2020 academic year.  Minutes are logged at: www.beanstack.com/race2read. In the first month of the challenge, we have already read and logged 1,491,808 minutes and counting!

Check out our highlights below (data calculated Oct. 1- Nov. 4 )!

TAG Academy is leading the Race2Read at the elementary school level!

School Leaders in Logging: These are our 10 top-performing schools in terms of total minutes logged)!

1. North Atlanta High School441,737
2. Crawford Long Middle School204,963
3. Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy131,230
4. Garden Hills Elementary School95,527
5. Deerwood Academy58,523
6. Mary Lin Elementary School57,007
7. Hope Hill Elementary School54,460
8. Finch Elementary School50,085
9. Bolton Academy36,504
10. Humphries Elementary School29,630
Deerwood Academy’s Ny’zhan Russell is currently leading the Race2Read!

Student Leaders in Logging: These are our top 10 student readers in the District!

Student – SchoolMinutes
1. Ny’zhan Russell – Deerwood Academy9,670
2. Louis Guy – Deerwood Academy6,190
3. Atticus Heaton – North Atlanta High School5,400
4. Avery Horton – North Atlanta High School 5,400
5. Denisse Palacios-Delgado – North Atlanta High School 5,400
6. Charles Parish – North Atlanta High School 5,400
7. Jennifer Stephens – North Atlanta High School 5,400
8. Delaney Terry – North Atlanta High School 5,400
9. McKenna Weinbaum – North Atlanta High School 5,400
10. Eliza Newman – North Atlanta High School 5,200

School Leaders in Participation: These are our top 10 performing schools for overall participation!

1. Crawford Long Middle School90.89%
2. Humphries Elementary School89.61%
3. Hope-Hill Elementary School78.24%
4. Bolton Academy73.67%
5. Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy64.83%
6. Finch Elementary School62.99%
7. West Manor Elementary School60.56%
8. Boyd Elementary School48.30%
9. Sarah Smith Elementary School40.93%
10. Garden Hills Elementary School33.59%

Remember, #APSRace2Read is about free-choice reading. Read books, magazines, articles, scholarly papers, etc. Read, read, read — and log your minutes at www.beanstack.com/race2read to count toward our 10 million minutes goal!

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