E. Rivers 5th Grader Wins District Spelling Bee

SPELLING BEE CHAMPS (from left, top to bottom): Paul Heard II, Andre Billings, Adrian Alex Janney and Sidney Wynn.

When E. Rivers Elementary School fifth grader Paul Heard II successfully spelled “M-I-S-C-O-N-S-T-R-U-E,” there was no wrongful interpretation. He indisputably became first-place winner of Atlanta Public Schools 59th Annual District Wide Spelling Bee.

Held Jan. 15 at John Lewis Invictus Academy, this year’s spelling bee lasted for seven rounds. Miles Elementary School fifth grader Andre Billings came in second place, Bolton Academy fourth grader Adrian Alex Janney placed third, and Kindezi Old 4th Ward fifth grader Sidney Wynn placed fourth.

 “The APS Spelling Bee is an honorable occasion for our students,” said said Dr. Beatrice J. Sewell, RTI/SST intervention specialist at Boyd Elementary School and member of the Atlanta Association of Educators. “They have studied and worked diligently to perform their best. We are so proud of them and their accomplishments.”

The top four winners will represent APS at the Georgia Association of Educators’ Regional Spelling Bee.

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