2020 Vision: Hutchinson, Dobbs Students Receive Free Eye Exams and Glasses

Photos credit: Casey Sykes for Rank Studios

Visual acuity is so much more than the ability to identify letters or numbers on an eye chart. For many students, undiagnosed vision issues pose a serious threat to their ability to learn.  

“As 80 percent of what we learn is through our eyes, it’s really important that students can see properly so they can do their best at school and also with reading,” said Emma Crews, program manager for Kids Vision for Life at Essilor Vision Foundation.

On Jan. 14 and 15, Kids Vision for Life traveled to Hutchinson and Dobbs elementary schools with their mobile eye clinic, providing students with free eye exams and prescription eye wear in the same day! Delta Airlines volunteers helped with vision screenings and glasses distribution.

“My glasses are cool,” said Kameron Thomas. “My glasses make me feel like I will get better in math and reading.”

“I am happy to have glasses,” said Tyler Nelson, a fifth grader at Dobbs. “I will be able to do my homework now that I can see much better. I am grateful that Delta and other partners came out to provide us with glasses.”

Crews says one in four students have a vision impairment that hasn’t been identified.

“Through vision screenings, we’re able to identify the issue,” Crews said. “Students don’t know they’re not seeing their best until it’s something that has been identified. They just think it’s normal to see things a little blurry. By providing them with a pair of glasses, we noticed that their confidence has gone up. Their reading scores go up and their overall achievement in school.”

Dobbs fourth graders Jaziyah Jackson and Jamia Zachery can attest to the boost in confidence. “We love our glasses so much,” the two wrote in a thank you letter. “The glasses make us look cute and smart. We are now going to get good grades.”

“I love my glasses and I feel good,” said Kamea Brown. “I want to come to school everyday.”

Launched in 2008 by Essilor Vision Foundation, the Kids Vision for Life program has provided more than 417,000 screenings to children in need with the help of amazing partners like Delta.

Dobbs kindergartner Corlisia Scott is pictured with a Delta Air Lines volunteer (Photo credit: Casey Sykes for Rank Studios).

“Thank you Delta for my glasses,” expressed kindergartner Corlisia Scott in her thank you note. “I am thankful that I can see. I did not have any at home.”

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