82 APS Innovators Advance to the Georgia Student Technology Competition

More than 300 of our best and brightest innovators showcased their skills in the APS Technology and Innovation Competition on Jan. 11 at Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy. Eighty-two scholars took home first-place honors.

Students in grades 3-12 competed in 15 different categories: 3D Modeling, Animation, Audio Production, Device Modification, Digital Game Design, Digital Photo Production, Graphic Design, Internet Applications, Mobile Apps, Multimedia Applications, Productivity Design, Programming Challenge (Grades 7-12 only), Project Programming, Robotics, and Video Production.  

Congratulations to the following first-place winners, who have advanced to the Georgia Student Technology Competition (GaSTC) on March 14 at Kennesaw State University (Macon campus). GaSTC is the highest level of student technology competition in Georgia with over 750 projects, representing the work of over 1000 students, which are judged at the competition each March.

SchoolGrade BandCategoryFirst Place Winner(s)
Brandon Primary05 – 06Project ProgrammingTriston Willis
River Rumley
Centennial Place Academy03 – 04RoboticsJeriah Oliver
Kal-El White
Centennial Place Academy05 – 063D ModelingChristian Lawson Andrew Sayasean-Chase
Centennial Place Academy05 – 06Digital Photo ProductionMychal Haynie
Centennial Place Academy07 – 08Graphic DesignAngel Pickett
Dobbs Elementary05 – 06RoboticsLeyah Dawson
Kimora Broughton
Finch Elementary05 – 06Graphic DesignAurora Ballard
Grady High 09 – 10Device ModificationAidan Scardno
Scott Whitley
Harper-Archer Elementary03 – 04Video ProductionZharia Kelley
Akari Long
Hollis Innovation Academy05 – 06Device ModificationDevaughn Bigham Jamyla Stevenson
Hollis Innovation Academy05 – 06Video ProductionKeyla Pippin
Jakela Giffin
Hollis Innovation Academy07 – 083D ModelingPaige Jackson
Phillip Gibson
Hollis Innovation Academy07 – 08Audio ProductionAngelica Gutierrez
Hollis Innovation Academy07 – 08Digital Game DesignMason Jones
Hollis Innovation Academy07 – 08Digital Photo ProductionYasmine Wells
Machiya Weatherspoon
Hollis Innovation Academy07 – 08Mobile AppsAaron Smith
Jeremiah Cullen
Hollis Innovation Academy07 – 08Project ProgrammingZoe Green
Marvin Scott
Hollis Innovation Academy07 – 08RoboticsAndre Hunt
Hutchinson Elementary05 – 06Digital Game DesignJonathan Garcia
Sarai Garcia
Jackson Elementary03 – 04Device ModificationKelsey Ehrle
Aubrey Towson
Jackson Elementary03 – 04Multimedia ApplicationsRowan Thomas
Rebecca Curran
Jackson Elementary03 – 04Project ProgrammingNick Stoll
Jacob Royal
Mays High 09 – 103D ModelingChancellor Tanner
Mays High 09 – 10Internet ApplicationsMargie Gutierrez-Cabrera
Justin Moreno
Mays High 09 – 10Multimedia ApplicationsOrean Mack
Ian Miller
Mays High 09 – 10Productivity DesignAriyah Williams
Brian Davis Jr.
Mays High 09 – 10Tech Programming Challenge (7-12)Antoni Juarez
Eric Villegas-Hernandez
Mays High 09 – 10Video ProductionJourdan Duncan
Mays High 11 – 123D ModelingMariyah Wilborn Almira Martin
Mays High 11 – 12Internet ApplicationsKenosha Wood
Christian Robertson
Mays High 11 – 12Multimedia ApplicationsCameron Weaver
David Clemons
Mays High 11 – 12Video ProductionRyan Louis
Peyton Forrest Elementary03 – 04Digital Photo ProductionChermaine Brown Alima Jones-Muhammad
Peyton Forrest Elementary03 – 04Internet ApplicationsRandall Reams
Zion Foster
Peyton Forrest Elementary05 – 06AnimationJayden Lawless
Nicholas Brooks
Peyton Forrest Elementary05 – 06Mobile AppsSkyla Mack
Vanessa Jacobs
Rivers Elementary03 – 04AnimationRiley Sipe
Smith Elementary03 – 043D ModelingElizabeth Harman
Smith Elementary05 – 06Internet ApplicationsAiza Mehar
Emily Mijatovic
Springdale Park Elementary03 – 04Audio ProductionZen Schieneman
Sutton Middle 07 – 08AnimationMarin Cochran
Sutton Middle 07 – 08Device ModificationLela Ganske
Sutton Middle 07 – 08Video ProductionIan Smith
Sutton Middle 05 – 06Multimedia ApplicationsJulia Burnette
Sutton Middle 05 – 06Productivity DesignCrystal Torrens Soto Erin Cason
Therrell High 11 – 12Audio ProductionJoshua Allen
Usher-Collier Elementary03 – 04Graphic DesignDakayla Sinkfield-Benson
Washington High 11 – 12Graphic DesignDaija Sewell
Morgan Turner
Washington High 11 – 12Project ProgrammingJoey Phillips
West Manor Elementary03 – 04Digital Game DesignCaniya Flournoy
West Manor Elementary05 – 06Audio ProductionJamarius Glover
Collier Pinkston

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