CTAE Month Celebrates APS Career Pathways

Allied health is a CTAE career pathway offered at South Atlanta High School.

Atlanta Public Schools celebrated Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Month by providing APS staff and stakeholders with a firsthand look at CTAE pathways and students.

Held across the District on Feb. 12, CTAE Demonstration Day 2020 invited guests to experience engineering at BEST Academy, business/computer science at Brown Middle School, audio/video technology and film at Maynard Jackson High School, graphic design at North Atlanta High School, and allied health at South Atlanta High School.

“The purpose of the [inaugural] Career, Technical and Agricultural Education Demonstration Day was to invite stakeholders into our classrooms to witness the CTAE instructional delivery model in action,” said CTAE Director Dr. Dwionne Freeman. “CTAE classes are unique in that they teach career-related skills through an integration of project-based learning, academic competencies and employability skill development via real-world applications.  We hope that as a result of the demonstrations, visitors were able to glean a better understanding of how CTAE programs are meeting industry needs and preparing our students for college, career and life.”

CTAE pathways help students successfully enter the workforce or transition into post-secondary education by providing classes with rigorous academic standards, hands-on projects and labs.  These opportunities include, but are not limited to, advanced curriculum, dual enrollment, work-based learning, career awareness, career exposure and employability skill development.  Learn more.

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