Grady Jesters Win 11th State Debate and Speech Championship

The Henry W. Grady High School Jesters Speech and Debate Team have done it again! The team competed at the Georgia Forensics Coaches Association (GFCA) at Lassiter High School in Marietta on March 6-8. The Grady Jesters brought home first-place championships in the debate and speech sweepstakes, marking the 11th consecutive win for the team!

Here are the 2020 GFCA results:

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Peter Haynes, quarterfinalist; Griffin Richie, 2nd speaker and champion

Policy Debate: Assata Nkosi, 2nd speaker; Daniel Wakefield, top speaker; Assata Nkosi and Daniel Wakefield, semifinalists

Public Forum Debate: Everett Stubin and Duncan Tanner, quarterfinalists

Extemporaneous Speaking: Bryant Hodgson, semifinalist; Declan McCarthy, semifinalist; Maeve Malaney-Lau, 5th place; Oliver Grady, 4th place; Sarah Likins, 3rd place; George Lefkowicz, 2nd place; Tyler Jones, champion

Impromptu Speaking: Bryant Hodgson, semifinalist; Sarah Likins, 4th place; Declan McCarthy, 3rd place; Oliver Gray, 2nd place; Lucia Fernandez, champion

Informative Speaking: Dana Richie, 5th place; Matthew Vincent, 4th place; Tyler Jones, champion

Original Oratory: Elise Isakov, 5th place; George Lefkowicz, 3rd place; Lucia Fernandez, champion


Senate: George Lefkowicz, 2nd place; Tyler Jones, champion

House: Max Murphree, finalist; Will Tanner, finalist; Sayan Sonnad-Joshi, finalist; Lucia Fernandez, finalist; Oliver Gray, finalist; Jorge Navarrete, 3rd Place; Nicolas Kamel, champion

The wins mark seven individual state champions, including three state championships for Tyler Jones. Congratulations to the Grady Jesters!

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