Superintendent Herring: Even amid Virtual Schooling, APS Committed to Keeping Students Healthy and Fed

Although our primary charge is to deliver quality teaching and learning to Atlanta’s children, Atlanta Public Schools also strives to keep students fed with healthy breakfasts and lunches even amid a pandemic.

We may have delayed our Day One start to Monday, August 24, but APS – in an effort to continue taking care of our families – resumed free community meal service this week!

As part of the Summer Seamless Option waiver granted by the federal government, meals were provided to all children in the community on Monday, August 10, and will be provided again on Monday, August 17. Five-day meal bags with five breakfast meals and five lunch meals are being distributed at the 12 schools shown here:

Our families can get those meals via walk up or drive-thru. We will add Garden Hills and Hope-Hill elementary schools as distribution sites on Monday, August 24. Bus delivery of food is also provided on some bus routes as shown in the file attached here.

Order My Meals!

Starting August 24 – the first day of school – APS will only be distributing meals to APS students. All APS families must pre-order meals for each week through the MySchoolBucks online pre-order system. You can find MySchoolsBucks at the nutrition web site at and click on the “Order My Meals” button.

Meal kits must be ordered before midnight on Monday to be distributed for the following week.

For example, for the five-day meal bag on Monday, August 31, your order must be placed no later than 11:59 p.m. on Monday, August 24. Once in the pre-order system, you can select whether you will pick up the meals at one of the 12 distribution sites listed above or if your meals should be delivered via one of the bus routes. Families paying for meals will need to submit payment through the MySchoolBucks online payment system. Schools will not be collecting money for school meals.

This year, 54 APS schools will participate in the Community Eligibility Provision or CEP, which provides ALL students in those schools with free breakfast and lunch. However, 21 APS schools will participate in the Federal Eligibility Application or FEA program, which offers free and reduced meals to qualifying students.

All students at FEA schools – which are shown below – must apply to qualify for free or reduced meals by completing the online FEA form. Free meals will continue for all students for the first 30 days of school. But after the first 30 days of school, students at those 21 FEA schools will pay full price for meals until their FEA application is approved, and their eligibility status is sent to the school.

Again, Order My Meals! is a three-step process:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the Order My Meals tab in the top or middle navigation bars
  3. Press “Order My Meals” in MySchoolBucks and follow the prompts to get your free account and order weekly Student Meal Kits!

I must thank Dr. Marilyn Hughes, Executive Director of our Nutrition Department, and her team, as well as our food vendor SFE, for all that they are doing for our families!

We want to keep all of our students healthy and fed, so please make note of these changes and ensure you have completed the necessary paperwork! Be Well!!!

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