APS Update with Superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring Week of August 17

Good day, Atlanta Public Schools!

I’m Dr. Lisa Herring, Superintendent. Welcome back to our weekly APS Update where we provide you with a video summary of the news and information you need to know most as we prepare for a strong start on Day One!

To prepare students, families, teachers, and staff for a great Day One, we created a Runway for a Return to Learning, which includes our annual Back to School Bash! We are nearing the end of that Runway, which means we are only three days from takeoff for Day One, Monday, August 24.

Our teachers and professional staff have worked hard all summer to prepare for a new and different kind of Day One. And I have seen our students and parents this week work hard in preparation as well.

When our students and teachers return to school, we really need them to be ready to be involved in quality teaching and learning at the very start. Here are some tips to help create an optimal Virtual School Day.

  • Create a classroom space. It doesn’t have to be big or elaborate, but you should have a place in your room, the kitchen, a corner of the living room which is dedicated to school and where you keep assignments and devices. You can certainly move around but have that space that says “school!”
  • Dress for school each day. Get ready for virtual school as you do for regular school. Put on your school clothes, so you feel dressed and ready for learning!
  • Eat a good breakfast. Don’t skip on the most important meal of the day.
  • Be on time! We have a structured schedule, and teachers are grading assignments. Arrive on time for class and turn in your assignments on time!
  • Take breaks. Don’t overdo the work. Take frequent breaks. We have them built directly into the schedule so take advantage of the time away from the screen and away from the classwork.

I need everyone to bookmark our Day One Return + Learn web site, which has a lot of necessary news and information for the new school year. You can find it at:  www.atlantapublicschools.us/backtoschool.

Finally, take time to relax this weekend so you will be prepared for Day One and the Return to Learning in Atlanta Public Schools!

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