Superintendent Herring: Get Out the Vote from September 8-20 because Strong Schools Start with YOU!

As part of our vision for Atlanta Public Schools to become a high-performing school district, we expressly strive for our families to become engaged and for our community to trust the system. One of the most significant efforts to reach greater levels of transparency and engagement involved the creation of our GO Teams several years ago.

GO Teams are nine-member governance teams at every school in the district that work in a collaborative fashion with the school principal. GO Teams are comprised of parent, instructional staff, and community representatives. We designed the GO Teams to serve as a vital part of our school improvement efforts across the district. These teams are responsible for establishing strategic plans for their schools, voting on innovative school-based solutions and approving the school’s budget. Additionally, these teams review school data and provide input to the principal related to school improvement.

The best part is that each GO Team can really address the needs of the students at its specific school.

The district usually holds elections annually in the spring to fill the parent and instructional staff seats on the GO Teams. But an overwhelming pandemic delayed plans to hold elections in spring 2020. The election wait is finally over!

Voting takes place from Tuesday, September 8, through Sunday, September 20. And APS has made it easy as our parents and educators can submit their votes using a computer or mobile device. Our school staff members will receive their personal voting links in their APS emails. Our parents will receive their household’s unique voting link in two of the following ways: email, text, and/or mail, based on primary contact information on file with the district. Voting credentials will start to arrive in mailboxes this week; emails and text messages will be sent on Tuesday, September 8. Watch for the delivery of your link!

APS has 66 schools with two parent/guardian and two instructional staff seats up for election at each school.  For this election, 356 candidates have qualified for those seats – 194 parents/guardians and 162 instructional staff.

Candidate profiles are available at

If you need assistance or have questions, please e-mail or call 404-802-2885. For assistance in Spanish, call 404-802-7580. Para obtener ayuda en español, llame 404-802-7580.

We want to set new records of engagement, so let your voice be heard – VOTE!!! Remember … Strong Schools Start With You!

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