Faces of APS: The Life and Legacy of Jordan Stone

The following Faces of APS story was collected before the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. Faces of APS is a first-person storytelling format that highlights APS students and staff. This special Class of 2020 edition was never released as the District shutdown hindered the completion of this project. To honor the life and legacy of Jordan Stone, we are sharing her story of inspiration and hope.

“My journey has been a learning experience. Since the ninth grade, I’ve always been a public speaker and jumped at opportunities whenever I could. I loved to network. In the summer of 2019, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. It has taught me how to appreciate life and many other valuable lessons. I developed a bigger and better heart because of it. At first, I was focused on materialistic things, but when I was diagnosed, I was forced to see what was right in front of me. I am more spiritual and positive. I have matured. At school, I led the Northstarettes and am the vice president of the Douglass High School Student Government Association. I’m also First Attendant to Miss Douglass. My goal is to be a role model for young black girls. I model and act. I want to give girls hope because If I can do it, so can they. I have other dreams of becoming a lawyer/journalist and hope to study English in college. My ultimate goal in life, however, is to reach maximum happiness. As I journey, I am thankful for my mom. My mom has encouraged me since I was a little girl. She is very honest and has molded me into who I am today.”

Jordan Stone, Class of 2020, Frederick Douglass High School

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