Booker T. Washington High & Morehouse College Celebrate MLK Legacy With Student Panel Discussion

In recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and legacy, two of the civil rights icon’s alma maters joined forces for a virtual panel discussion that put love on display.

On Jan. 15, Booker T. Washington High School and Morehouse College presented “The Legacy of MLK: A Reflection of the Beloved Community.” The virtual event was facilitated by Morehouse Professor David Wall Rice, Ph.D., who led Washington students in an engaging discussion on social justice. Washington alumna Wynetta McNeil (class of 1969) also provided remarks, specifically speaking about her grandmother’s connection to the King family.

Washington students were the true highlight of the event, as they took advantage of the platform to express their views on social justice—many of them recognizing the importance of love in the fight for justice.

“Love creates a pathway for people to build bonds,” said Tashyra Lyles, a Washington student panelist.

“You can’t change a person by yourself, but the experiences you share with someone can inspire them to change,” Tashyra said. “Trying to become friends with our enemy opens them up to a wider range of things so that they can see that we are more than what they believe us to be.  Love is a tiny step. It starts with love and connection and relationships.”

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