It’s School Board Appreciation Week – Thank Your Board Member!

Over the course of the pandemic, I have used this space and other platforms to celebrate teachers, staff, partners, and the community for their invaluable support and services toward virtual teaching and learning and our eventual reopening of schools and buildings.

But this week, we must acknowledge and thank another group that has been essential in the work – the Atlanta Board of Education. Yes, it’s School Board Appreciation Week in Georgia!

 I am pleased to take this time to recognize them for their contributions, service, and leadership to Atlanta Public Schools and the entire Atlanta community.

The role of being a member of a school board – especially on the Atlanta Board of Education – can be both tireless and thankless. I don’t know that we can ease the stress of the work, but we can certainly thank them for their service.

From a personal standpoint, I could not have made it this far into my first year as superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools without the support of each and every member of this Board. They have been instructive, hands-on, and engaged. Their leadership certainly has contributed to the work to continue effective teaching and learning despite pandemic and social unrest in our city, state, and nation.

Thank you, Chair Jason Esteves (Seat 9), Vice Chair Eshe’ Collins (District 6), Leslie Grant (District 1), Aretta Baldon (District 2), Michelle Olympiadis (District 3), Nancy Meister (District 4), Erika Mitchell (District 5), Kandis Wood Jackson (Seat 7), and Cynthia Briscoe Brown (Seat 8).

As a token of our appreciation, we prepared this short video.

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