Hollis Earns Cognia STEM Certification

After years of preparation and perseverance, Michael R. Hollis Innovation Academy earned Cognia National STEM Certification on Nov. 12, 2021.

“Under the leadership of Dr. Diamond Ford, and the hard work of STEM Specialist Dr. Linda Howard, the school received special commendations for having a shared STEM vision and strong leadership structures, engaging a diverse STEM community to sustain program initiatives, and for implementing an effective continuous improvement process.
-Brené E. Bradley, EdD
CTAE/STEM Coordinator, Atlanta Public Schools

Congratulations to the students, staff, community, and parents of Hollis for this achievement!

Hollis Innovation Academy also developed a Partnership with Georgia Tech CEISMC

Hollis Innovation Academy and Georgia Tech CEISMC

Through partnership with M.R. Hollis Innovation Academy, CEISMC aims to strengthen the connection between Georgia Tech and its surrounding community. The goal of this partnership is for CEISMC to support the development and implementation of high quality STEM curriculum at Hollis Innovation Academy through direct involvement in the school, utilizing the varied resources available to a leading technical research university.

Teacher professional development is at the heart of the CEISMC-Hollis partnership, with opportunities including content professional development, planning with the Hollis administration, and offsite visits to Georgia Tech. These experiences, along with co-teaching, supported teachers in incorporating cutting-edge practices into their classrooms. Continued regular professional development embodies CEISMC’s philosophy that sustained partnership is the key to affecting positive change. The success of the partnership will demonstrate the powerful potential of university engagement in K-12 schools.

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