You Matter! Make Daily School Attendance a Priority

APS recently launched the ‘You Matter’ Campaign to broaden horizons, restore excitement, and re-affirm priorities to increase student attendance. Everyone plays a role in student attendance, and APS wants us all to explore the ways we can assist in helping to bridge the gap between students, families, and schools. 

Today’s spotlight is on parents and families because we believe every parent, every day makes a difference. 

According to Attendance Works, research shows that when students miss 10 percent of school or more, or an average of two days per month (18 days per school year), a student’s academic performance is negatively affected. 

Parents play a major role in supporting student attendance by making school attendance a priority. Here at APS, we want to ensure that every student is receiving quality instruction and improves their learning outcome.

Below are some suggestions of how parents can prioritize school attendance:

·        Talk about the importance of showing up to school every day.

·        Help your children maintain daily routines, such as finishing homework and getting a good night’s sleep.

·        Try not to schedule dental and non-COVID related medical appointments during the school day.

·        If an appointment must be scheduled during the school day, speak with your child’s teacher or school to determine the best time that will reduce the amount of instruction missed and the time that will pose the least disruption to your child’s learning.

·        If your child must stay home because he/she is sick, make sure they have asked teachers for resources and materials to make up for the missed learning time in the classroom.

Parents, together, we can make the difference!

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