Supporting the Whole-Child: APS Launches Student Telehealth Services

Students in all APS traditional schools can now access to physical and mental health care through our district’s Telehealth service offered though Hazel Health, Inc.

I am excited to share this news not only because we are providing another layer of support focused on whole-child and intervention, but also because the launch of our telehealth service is in direct response to the voices and advocacy of our scholars themselves.

This new telehealth program complements our universal screener for mental health and wellness in a way that allows us to go beyond simply identifying risk factors, and into treating and remediating them.

Students perform at their best when they are well, and we see this new tier of support as another element in our toolkit aimed at strengthening our core business of teaching and learning.

Our scholars can now complete urgent medical care visits, or therapy visits online, with doctors and therapists available to them in real-time, while they are at home or at school.

And importantly, these services are available at no cost to families, for every student in our district, regardless of their insurance or financial situation. At-Home Telehealth services are available now and school-based services are rolling out starting Monday, October 31.

Help us spread the word! Parents/guardians must complete our Health Service Consent Form for their child to be eligible for the service.

Learn more about our Telehealth partnership with Hazel Health at

*A previous version of this post indicated that telehealth services would be available to all APS students. The service is available to student populations in our traditional schools.

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