Future Entrepreneur D’Ariel Myrick is Booker T. Washington’s 2015 Salutatorian

At a young age, D’Ariel Myrick seemed to thrive on knowledge. She began walking and talking at an early age and by elementary school years, she was allowed to visit upper grade levels, settling in the gifted program where she was challenged beyond her imagination. In 6th grade, D’Ariel found her true calling—writing. By 2011,... Continue Reading →

Mya Green 2015 Salutatorian of Therrell School of Technology, Engineering, Math & Science Plans to Attend Tuskegee University and Study to Become a Wildlife Veterinarian

  Mya Green is an active participant in multiple extracurricular activities at her school, including softball, tennis, drill team and performing arts. Mya serves as Parliamentarian for the Student Government Association and as a College Ambassador for Project GRAD. Her hobbies are writing, fencing, and reading interesting novels. She believes her greatest distinction is graduating... Continue Reading →

Keiyitho Omonuwa is the 2015 Valedictorian of Therrell School of Technology, Engineering, Math & Science

Keiyitho Omonuwa moved to Atlanta in 5th grade with her mother and younger sister. She is the captain of the varsity swim team, the drill team squad commander, and a class leader in the Student Government Association. Keiyitho is also a member of the Shakespeare play cast, and a high scorer in the Academic Decathlon.... Continue Reading →

Future Dentist Ziana Townsend is Therrell School of Law, Government & Public Policy’s 2015 Salutatorian

  Ziana Townsend’s philosophy about life comes from a quote by Robert Frost: “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Her ultimate goal is to have her own dental practice—using her gifts to motivate and inspire both the young and elderly to be more confident and positive... Continue Reading →

Valedictorian of Therrell School of Law, Government & Public Policy Shannon Harris Hopes to Find a Cure for Cancer

Shannon Harris has encountered several different obstacles at D.M. Therrell High School. Obstacles that have the potential to make many adults give up on life. Despite these hurdles, Shannon has remained triumphant. Someone once said, “When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways-either by losing hope or by using the... Continue Reading →

Maynard Jackson’s Valedictorian Atia Butts Plans to Attend Georgia Tech and Study International Affairs

Atia Butts has managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA for the entirety of her high school career, partaking in Advanced Placement courses as well as International Baccalaureate courses her junior and senior year. Rigor is no stranger to Atia as she also participated in Emory’s Pre-College program for Evolutionary Biology, Summer Math and Science Enrichment... Continue Reading →

Benjamin E. Mays Salutatorian Maria Gallo-Blanco is headed to Texas A&M as a Posse Scholar

Maria Gallo-Blanco is the daughter of Antonio Gallo and Derly Blanco. Maria grew up in a small village close to the coast of Acapulco Gro, Mexico. She spent her childhood mastering the English language after immigrating to the United States at the age of eight. With hopes of starting her own nonprofit organization in the... Continue Reading →

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