Future Chemist Robert Leon is the 2015 Salutatorian of North Atlanta High

Robert Leon is fascinated by the nuances, recent discoveries, and basic understanding of science, yet the other side of his personality is very passionate about music. Expanding the vision he had before in music as a pleasant experience, he grew to understand more of its characteristics—falling in love with the essence of classical music through... Continue Reading →

Benjamin E. Mays Salutatorian Maria Gallo-Blanco is headed to Texas A&M as a Posse Scholar

Maria Gallo-Blanco is the daughter of Antonio Gallo and Derly Blanco. Maria grew up in a small village close to the coast of Acapulco Gro, Mexico. She spent her childhood mastering the English language after immigrating to the United States at the age of eight. With hopes of starting her own nonprofit organization in the... Continue Reading →

Damien Powell is the 2015 Valedictorian of Carver School of Technology

Damian is a creative and outgoing individual. He is an active member of the Boys & Girls Club and the National Honor Society, and spends much of his time with “Men of Ambition,” a men’s leadership program at his school. Notably, Damian will be the first Valedictorian and first generation college student within his immediate... Continue Reading →

The 2015 Salutatorian of Carver School of Health Sciences and Research Yuma Danso has a promising future in accounting

Yuma Danso was born in the United States but raised in Gambia for 10 years. When she returned to the United States, she struggled with mastering the English language, following the school curriculum, and identifying herself as a Muslim in America. Despite the challenges, she took advantage of every opportunity that was placed before her... Continue Reading →

Marlon Portillo is the 2015 Valedictorian of Carver School of Health Sciences & Research

Marlon Portillo was born in El Salvador, and later migrated to Atlanta at the age of 10. During his 8th grade year, Marlon enrolled at Price Middle School and began experiencing cultural changes during his transition from his former suburban school system. As a Latino minority, Marlon knew he had something to prove to himself,... Continue Reading →

Future Immigration Attorney Deborah Fataki is the 2015 Salutatorian of Carver Early College

Deborah Fataki was born to two immigrants from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her father was a French teacher with Atlanta Public Schools and her mother owns a hair salon. Deborah’s love for education comes from her parent’s commitment to acquire knowledge. She is currently dually enrolled at Georgia State University where she studies... Continue Reading →

2015 Valedictorian of Carver Early College Xayla Wilson plans to Study International Business at UGA

Xayla Wilson is currently dually enrolled at Carver Early College and Georgia State University. At both institutions, she holds academic honors including the Principal’s List and Georgia State University’s Dean’s List. Beyond her affinity for academics, athletics round out her commitment and talents, as she is the co-captain of the girl’s golf team and softball team manager. Xayla’s academics are only surpassed... Continue Reading →

Passionate actor and PAGE STAR student, Carter Guensler is the 2015 Valedictorian of Grady High

Carter Guensler spends his time in the theater. Whether performing, rehearsing, or memorizing lines, he often finds himself in the auditorium after the cast has gone, remaining there until the cleaning staff kicks him out as they lock up for the night. He’s spent over 2,300 hours performing in 12 major productions, four One-Acts, and... Continue Reading →

Salutatorian of S. Atlanta School of Computer Animation and Design Sanovia Dossie has plans to become a teacher

Sanovia Dossie’s parents have played a significant role in her success and have served as a strong support system throughout her academic career. She is actively engaged in community service and enjoys giving back to the less fortunate. Sanovia has always had a passion for helping others, and aspires to become an elementary school teacher.... Continue Reading →

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