“Scrooge Around the World” performed at Perkerson Elementary


“Scrooge Around the World” was performed at Perkerson Elementary School and is a contemporary version of the classic Scrooge play. In this version, contemporary musical artists who represent the Ghosts of Holiday Past, Present and Future visit Scrooge and warn her to change her selfish ways. Each ghost takes Scrooge to different places around the world to see how people help each other and show kindness throughout the world.  Scrooge also experiences how each country celebrates winter holidays.

The Ghost of Holiday Past continues to try to change Scrooge’s mind with a visit to America, Mexico, and China. The Ghost of Holiday Present, Beyoncé, takes him to Africa. Ghost of Holiday Future, The Grim Reaper, takes Scrooge to the cemetery where she will eventually end up all alone if she does not change. As the story progresses, Scrooge wakes up a changed woman determined to help and do good deeds.

The Perkerson Elementary performance of “Scrooge Around the World” is full of wonderful music from Michael Jackson, The Temptations, and Mariah Carey, along with other musical artists.

The play was performed at the Rialto Center on December 6th along with three performances at Perkerson Elementary School on December 18th.

written by Karen Ross, Teacher, Perkerson Elementary



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  1. I understand the performance was very good. Sorry I missed the performance of the Perkerson family children in Scrooge Around the World.

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