APS Announces “APS Homecoming” Schedule, Including Venue for 2017-18 State of the District Event

ATLANTA – Atlanta Public Schools wants its alumni, community supporters, parents and students to “come home.” APS Homecoming Weekend will be Oct. 20-21 The district announced today a weekend of events – Oct. 20-21 – under the theme “APS Homecoming. Events include: The annual State of the District address at Hollis Innovation Academy, followed immediately... Continue Reading →

Washington High School Grad Gives Back

Washington High Schoool Alum, Mr. James Dallas, and his wife Celest Dallas, recently donated $3,500 to the Booker T. Washington High School girls’ volleyball & basketball programs, social work program, and the business department. Mr. Dallas, a 1978 graduate of Washington High, played basketball during his tenure at the school. Throughout his noteworthy professional career,... Continue Reading →

Teach for America Member and APS Alum Offers a Helping ‘Hand’ to APS Students

Video Source: Teach For America, YouTube Pierce Hand, a teacher at Mays High School, was recently featured in a video produced by Teach For America. The product of Booker T. Washington High School, Hand faced many obstacles and setbacks, but through the encouragement and guidance of his teachers, he was determined to persevere. All of... Continue Reading →

Happy 80th Birthday, Morningside Elementary!

Tuesday is no ordinary day for the students, parents, faculty and staff of Morningside Elementary. December 8 marks the 80th day of the school's 80th year. To mark this occasion, Morningside will have a PTA-sponsored breakfast for alumni and honored guests, student-led interviews of former students, teachers and administrators and a Dine-Out at D.B.A. BBQ ... Continue Reading →

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