The Dirty Birds visit M. Agnes Jones & Connally to promote health and wellness

Several Atlanta Falcons athletes recently made a special visit to M. Agnes Jones and Connally Elementary schools. The special hometown guests spoke with students about the importance of health and wellness. Throughout the day students participated in various sports activities and exercises.Watch the video below to see students interact with the Dirty Birds.

Fractions are Fun at Connally!

Third Grade students at Connally Elementary recently took part in a fun and engaging lesson focused on fractions. During the lesson students worked in groups and used models to solve challenging problems involving fractions. The students also discussed the many ways they could use fractions in real-life scenarios. "Last week they partitioned shapes into equal parts using... Continue Reading →

Student Spotlight of the Week

Name: Karin Wilksa Grade: 8th School: Inman Middle Karin transferred to Inman from Finland this school year, and placed 2nd in the Georgia State Technology Fair on March 9.  Karin and Max Nevins, an Inman 7th grader, were among 700 participants from around the state. Karin’s multimedia project from math class won 2nd place in... Continue Reading →

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