APS Nutrition and Office of Early Learning host a first-ever Winter Fun-Land event

The Atlanta Public Schools Nutrition Department and Office of Early Learning collaborated for a first-ever Winter Fun-Land event held at Crim Open Campus. Nearly 500 pre-kindergarten students in the Head Start program were invited to this holiday event for a healthy meal and to learn about nutrition in the process. This four-day event was sponsored... Continue Reading →

Crim Open Campus Teacher Awarded Grants

Alonzo Crim Open Campus High School’s mathematics teacher, Rodney Finkley, has been awarded the 2014 Innovative Grant from the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium (GaETC) and the 2013-2014 School In-Service Training Grant from Mathematics Education Trust (MET).  Finkley traveled to Indonesia this past summer for Teachers for Global Classrooms Program, and is proposing to use the... Continue Reading →

Student Spotlight of the Week

Name: Ashley Dungey Grade: 5th Grade School: Deerwood Academy Ashley Dungey is currently a 5th grader in Dr. Huff’s class at Deerwood Academy. In addition to being a star student, Ashley enjoys drawing, writing, reading, and learning about new and innovative technology. But, what truly sets Ashley apart is her desire to give to others. She has a true understanding of the meaning... Continue Reading →

NFL Legend Richard Dent Honored as “Hometown Hall of Famer” at Crim

On March 27th, Crim Open Campus High School welcomed Pro Football Legend Richard Dent as he was honored as a “Hometown Hall of Famer.” The Pro Football Hall of Fame presented Richard Dent with a historical plaque in his hometown. He was recognized by representatives of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Allstate Insurance Company,... Continue Reading →

Crim’s March Madness Workshop

Crim Open Campus High School hosted a March Madness event that offered valuable workshops for male students. The guest speakers presented topics such as project manhood, social etiquette, healthy peer relationships, healthcare, and music production. The students at Crim were inspired by the respectable, successful men from the community who focused on developing positive characteristics... Continue Reading →

NAEA’s Site Visit to Crim Open Campus

The National Alternative Education Association (NAEA) Conference attendees visited Crim Open Campus High School on Wednesday, February 6, 2013. Crim is an exemplary model of an alternative school for the state of Georgia and for the nation. Dr. Silvia Hooker, Deputy Superintendent for School Turnaround for the State of Georgia, and approximately 50 guests from... Continue Reading →

Crim Open Campus and Burgess-Peterson Academy Collaborate for Generation-to-Generation Event

Students from Crim Open Campus, children from Crim’s day care, and 4th graders from Burgess-Peterson Academy participated in a Generation-to-Generation event with Coan Park senior citizens. On Friday, December 14, 2012, students and senior citizens experienced a day full of great memories and fun activities that focused on health and wellness, construction, graphic arts, and... Continue Reading →

Student Spotlight of The Week

Name: La'Sonya Durham Grade: 5th Grade School: M. Agnes Jones Elementary La’Sonya Durham, a 5th grader at M. Agnes Jones Elementary, has truly triumphed in the face of adversity. La’Sonya was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was in first grade.  As a result of the surgery, she became blind, forcing her to learn a new way... Continue Reading →

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