Usher-Collier Elementary Teacher Named National Scholar for Gifted Education

Asiaa Karriem has the ability to see the untapped potential in children from socio-economically challenged communities. As such, her being honored by the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) recently should come as no surprise. Karriem, a gifted teacher at Usher-Collier Elementary School, was named a Javits-Frasier Scholar by the NAGC. The Javits-Frasier Scholars Program... Continue Reading →

Dobbs Care Center Impresses Foundation President

“Beautiful” was the term used by David Weitnauer, president of the Howard Dobbs Foundation, when describing the new school based  care center at Dobbs Elementary School. The care center, which opened this month, was made possible by a grant from the Howard Dobbs Foundation and partnerships with the Emory University Department of Pediatrics and Southside... Continue Reading →

TwinSports TV Brings Strong Anti-Bullying Message to Gideons Elementary Students

Twin sisters Regina and Renita Deloatch know all too well how bullying can impact the life of a young person. Their cousin, who was bullied as a child and throughout her school-age years, eventually committed suicide when the tormenting became too much for her to bear. That personal tragedy has inspired the Virginia natives to... Continue Reading →

L.P. Miles, Dobbs Elementary School Launch School-Based Community Health Centers

  On a recent visit to L.P. Miles Elementary School, Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Meria J. Carstarphen complained about an earache. But the physician on duty at the school’s new school health center diagnosed and treated the problem and in no time she was feeling much better. Thanks to the generosity of Emory University, Healing... Continue Reading →

Maynard H. Jackson Cluster holds convention with focus on math

The Maynard Jackson Cluster hosted “Math Across the Cluster,” a cluster - wide professional learning opportunity addressing math instruction in all content areas and in all grade levels.  Every teacher and administrator in the Jackson Cluster, district support staff, and professional developers and consultants participated in this convention.The instructional coaches, representatives from Carnegie Learning, and... Continue Reading →

Determined spirit and winning attitude make Garden Hills fifth grader “a really cool kid”

What do you call a kid who loves to laugh, play soccer and and has fun doing kid-things, but also enjoys learning and going to school every day? And what if you added well -mannered, high-principled, considerate and determined to the list?  Garden Hills media specialist, Kellye Carter calls him “a really cool kid,” and she is referring... Continue Reading →

APS launches 2011 MLK March Week with featured ‘teach-in’ lecture series

Atlanta Public Schools is excited to present a series of "teach-in" guest lectures for elementary school students, surrounding the 2011 MLK March Week in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., from Jan. 10-14. “These 'teach-in' lecturers will deliver Dr. King’s principles of non-violence to schoolchildren by teaching them to make critical connections to real-world issues, thus equipping... Continue Reading →

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