Four APS teachers earn Master Teacher Certification

Four Atlanta Public Schools teachers have earned Master Teacher Certification from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission in 2010.  They are Emily Boatright (Inman Middle, profiled here), Endia Way (Perkerson Elementary), TaiShara Twyman (Dobbs Elementary) and Wendy Baker (Inman Middle). To earn the Master Teacher Certification, candidates must have at least three years experience in the... Continue Reading →

Emily Boatright joins the club: Inman Middle’s Master Teachers*

* UPDATE: Sixth-grade English/language arts teacher Wendy Baker, featured recently in Talk Up APS, learned she's been named a Master Teacher! Inman Middle School eighth-grade teacher Emily Boatright would like to say she's joining a select company, but when it comes to Inman, Master Teachers almost seem like the rule and not the exception. Just... Continue Reading →

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