APS Graduates Earn over $100 Million in Scholarships, Boasting Largest Number of Gates Scholars in State

During the month of May, Atlanta Public Schools hosted commencement ceremonies for each of its 10 high school campuses.  Over the course of a week, the district proudly welcomed into the alumni ranks, nearly 2,000 graduates from throughout the city.  Parents and friends in attendance were treated to reflective speeches by seniors who spoke of overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities... Continue Reading →

Deonte Bridges, YouTube sensation

It seemed like a simple enough idea: Take Deonte Bridges' moving valedictorian speech at the Booker T. Washington graduation ceremony that had been recorded by our Learning Technologies staff and put it up on our newly opened YouTube channel. Well, next thing you know, Bridges' speech went viral, currently surging past 60,000 page views and... Continue Reading →

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