Highlights From Today’s NATIONAL SIGNING DAY Live Tweet!

Congratulations to all of our student athletes! https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563010258487214082 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563007766806425602 https://twitter.com/WhatAboutAyanna/status/563004924628590597 https://twitter.com/collinsforkids/status/563013239316152320 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563002111315943424 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563004659045244932 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563003303886585857 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563000745277272064 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563002633334837248 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563005372865458176 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563006729915740161 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563001404852568065 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/562999494951067650 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/562996000819011586 https://twitter.com/apsupdate/status/563001186597732353 https://twitter.com/haughtyd/status/563014204853354497 https://twitter.com/AzizAmour_/status/563014233710153729

North Atlanta High’s star student-athletes shine on National Signing Day

We were so excited for all of the APS student-athletes who participated in National Signing Day, preparing for the next step on their journey to success by gaining scholarships. But they weren't just athletic scholarships, some of them earned academic scholarships. This was especially clear for the student-athletes from North Atlanta High, as we found... Continue Reading →

Sail on, players: APS football players sign on for U.S. Naval Academy

There were some incredible stories coming out of Wednesday's APS National Signing Day activities, so we took some time to interview some of the impressive student-athletes who are ready to take the next step to college. On that note, congratulations to Mays High's Greg Eason and North Atlanta High's Marcus Mack, who will be teammates... Continue Reading →

Scenes from (APS) National Signing Day

Here are some snapshots from Atlanta Public Schools' National Signing Day activities, held Wednesday morning at Douglass High School. Pictured above, top row: Julian Moses, South Atlanta High (Albany State); Nick Jacobs, South Atlanta High (Alabama); Darius Caldwell, Mays High (Illinois). Pictured above, bottom row: Group shot, Mays High; Lorenzo Mauldin, Maynard H. Jackson High... Continue Reading →

APS student-athletes prepare for next step on National Signing Day

UPDATE: Watch interview with U.S. Naval Academy-bound football players Greg Eason (Mays High) and Marcus Mack (North Atlanta High) here. Watch interview with South Atlanta's Nick Jacobs here. We were so proud to watch as student-athletes from around Atlanta Public Schools signed on the dotted line to play for the college of their choice on... Continue Reading →

National Signing Day set for Wednesday, Feb. 2

What: National Signing Day Who: All APS senior student-athletes accepting athletic scholarships Where: Frederick Douglass High School, 225 H.E. Holmes Drive., NW, Atlanta 30318 When: 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 2 Additional: APS high school seniors sign letters of intent for athletic scholarships at colleges and universities around the country. Both female and male student-athletics will... Continue Reading →

APS student-athletes in football and basketball show their college stripes on National Signing Day

APS student-athletes from around the district signed national letters-of-intent to play football and basketball for the colleges of their choice on Wednesday, Feb. 3 -- the vaunted National Signing Day -- in a ceremony held at The New Schools of Carver. All of the star APS athletes were there to make their commitment official, most... Continue Reading →

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