Therrell School of Law Students Participate in Educational Summer Travel

Several students at D.M. Therrell School of Law, Government and Public Policy had opportunities to participate in educational summer travel experiences. This summer SGA students from Therrell School of Law were invited to attend the 2nd phase of the Annual Martin Luther King celebration.  Representative Tyrone Brooks, from the Southwest District of Atlanta, was the... Continue Reading →

APS Kicks Off its Online Learning Summer Pilot: Atlanta Virtual Academy

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) kicked off its summer pilot of the Atlanta Virtual Academy (AVA) on Friday, June 14th.  AVA provides online learning opportunities for APS students. Over 100 students are enrolled in the current summer session that runs through July 26th. "The first few days have been very exciting," said Doryiane Gunter, APS Program Manager for Virtual... Continue Reading →

APS to Host Centralized Summer Registration for New and Returning Students June 24-28 and July 8-12

Looking to provide consistent opportunities for back-to-school enrollment with on-site experts who can answer questions about the registration process, APS is proud to announce centralized enrollment and back-to-school registration events. The district has established a unified schedule that will allow school leaders to better plan everything from bus routes to staffing. Our first district-wide enrollment... Continue Reading →

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