Harper-Archer media specialist Keisha Robinson named Symetra ‘Hero in the Classroom’

Join the club, Keisha Robinson! The Harper-Archer Middle School media specialist became the fourth APS teacher to join the ranks of the Symetra "Hero in the Classroom" group. The announcement came in an assembly at the school Tuesday that included the Atlanta Falcons and SunTrust Bank. Robinson, Harper-Archer’s media specialist for 11 years, was nominated for... Continue Reading →

Price Middle School teacher named one of Symetra’s ‘Heroes In the Classroom’

During a special faculty meeting this afternoon at Price Middle School, Principal Sterling Christy told his teachers and staff that they were here “to recognize the work of one of your peers.” Price Middle’s Janice Johnson, a 21-year veteran teacher at Atlanta Public Schools, had no idea she was going to be named one of... Continue Reading →

West Manor P.E. teacher named a Symetra ‘Hero In the Classroom’

West Manor Elementary physical education teacher and Coach Constance Riley was named a Symetra “Hero in the Classroom” by the Atlanta Falcons and SunTrust Bank during a school wide assembly in the gym Tuesday. (Check out the photo gallery here.) Symetra Heroes in the Classroom, presented by SunTrust Bank, is a community program that recognizes... Continue Reading →

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