Meet the APS High School Teacher of the Year: Wanda Brown-Cook, Carver School of the Arts

Wanda Brown-Cook Carver School of the Arts Dr. Marvin Pryor, principal Randolph Bynum, associate superintendent of high schools Wanda Brown-Cook, a native of Atlanta, graduated from Spelman College with a bachelor of arts degree in English. She received a master’s degree in education at Buffalo State University of New York in the Teacher Corps/Peace Corps... Continue Reading →

APS honors 2010-11 Teachers of the Year; Brown Middle’s Belita Hamilton wins overall award

Pictured, top row from L-R: Leslie Harrell-Tumlin, Belita Hamilton, Wanda Brown-Cook; Dr. Kathy Augustine; Ann Cramer. Middle row, from L-R: Urban Youth Harp Ensemble; various school teachers of the year; Tamara Cotman with Leslie Tumlin. Bottom row, from L-R: Belita Hamilton; Randolph Bynum and Wanda Brown-Cook; Hilaire Anelone and Belita Hamilton. UPDATE: Watch multi-media coverage including... Continue Reading →

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