Heritage Academy students received free vision screenings from Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

Heritage Academy kindergarten student Ta'Dereious Phillips Jr. was one of several students to get a free vision screening from the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. Ta’Dereious Phillips Jr., a six-year-old kindergarten student at Heritage Academy Elementary School, was excited to pick out a new pair of glasses Monday morning after getting a free vision screening and... Continue Reading →

The Dirty Birds visit M. Agnes Jones & Connally to promote health and wellness

Several Atlanta Falcons athletes recently made a special visit to M. Agnes Jones and Connally Elementary schools. The special hometown guests spoke with students about the importance of health and wellness. Throughout the day students participated in various sports activities and exercises.Watch the video below to see students interact with the Dirty Birds.

Kennedy Middle School Girls Engage in Sports, Leadership and Learning

A group of 8th grade girls from Kennedy Middle School were selected to participate in the 2nd Annual APS Day of Play for Girls held at Grady High School on August 16, 2013. Kennedy Middle was among the 13 schools selected to participate in the event.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed the day full of play, sports, leadership and learning. The... Continue Reading →

Join Burgess-Peterson Academy’s Coach Jackson on a walk through their great outdoors

While we've documented a lot of Burgess-Peterson Academy's award-winning wellness initiatives, we thought it would be fun to have Coach Betty Jackson -- the mastermind of many of these projects -- to take us on a tour of what's been going on and what students can expect for the 2010-2011 school year. It also gave... Continue Reading →

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