Country star Rissi Palmer gets warm welcome at Parkside Elementary


In celebration of Country Music Month, Threshing Floor Academy Arts in Schools brought celebrated country recording artist Rissi Palmer to Parkside Elementary School last month to talk to Preferred School Care afterschool program participants about her journey to becoming one of country music’s most promising stars and her decision to defy stereotypes in pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a country music artist.

At the conclusion of her visit, Palmer was presented with a “Purpose Quilt” made by third-, fourth- and fifth-grade program participants. The quilt documented significant events in Palmer’s career as well as African Americans who made a significant contribution to country music. The quilt moved her to tears (see picture below), and she said it was one of the best things she had ever received during her career.


Palmer encouraged everyone to go after our dreams with faith, vision and courage in spite of any obstacles that may present themselves during the journey. Palmer not only is an amazing vocalist, but an outstanding role model who is committed to creating positive music and serves as an example of what it means to pursue purpose against all odds.

Palmer’s visit and performance is one of several music, chef, spoken word and visual artist visits that are scheduled for this school year as a result of a partnership between Threshing Floor Academy and Preferred School Care, an after-school program provider for Atlanta Public Schools. Threshing Floor Academy is an enrichment provider for Preferred School Care and provides weekly innovative and quality art, music, culinary arts and spoken word programming to Preferred School Care after school program participants at five elementary schools where Preferred School Care after-school programs are offered within the Atlanta Public Schools system.


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