Questions and answers about Saturday’s Health Fair at Therrell High

Therrell High School of Health Sciences and Research Principal Frank Walker was kind enough to take some time and discuss Saturday’s inaugural Health Fair in conjunction with True Light Baptist Church. (For information, click here.) Here’s what Principal Walker had to say.

What was the inspiration for the Health Fair?
The inspiration came as a result of our vision and partnership with True Light Baptist Church wanting to increase and expose students to different health issues and health providers in the community.

What’s the main goal?
The main goal is to bring awareness to students and the community of health careers and health issues and to provide more than $25,000 in health services at no cost to the community.

How did you come to partner with True Light Baptist Church, and what’s their role as partner?
As part of our plan to develop partnerships with community-based health organizations, we were approached by and introduced to a member of the Community Development Committee at True Light Baptist Church, who heard about our plans to have a health fair.  They were, in fact, in the process of planning their annual health fair, and thus, the partnership was formed.

How important is educating the Therrell community on health and wellness issues?
It is very important to educate the community about health issues that plague society as a hold. Some of the healthcare providers will give screenings, a variety of tests, etc. to anyone who wants it them.

How will the free screenings, exercise and meditation, free fruit and vegetables and fun and games help promote health and wellness, at this event?
After attending the Health Fair and receiving information on a variety of health issues, participants and attendees will hopefully become more knowledgeable about heath issues and take preventive measures to stay healthy.

Who are the vendors?
They will include Piedmont Hospital Nutrition Department, Sickle Cell Foundation, Morehouse School of Medicine, South Fulton Health Center, and Day Spa.

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