APS helps students, teachers tap into their creative side with summer academy at the Woodruff

UPDATES: Watch video of a morning session here. Watch video of Young Middle orchestra teacher Robert Jeffrey and a student here.

More than 120 students and nearly 30 teachers throughout Atlanta Public Schools have taken up residence, almost literally, at the Woodruff Arts Center for a month of intense study. The second-annual Middle School and High School Summer Academy for the Arts and Sciences allows gifted and talented students to work in a more creative learning environment while gifted-endorsement candidate teachers to take the next step in their certification process.

The program keeps everyone on their toes. Students spend the first two weeks taking classes in the morning and then spend the afternoon tapping into visual- or performing-arts classes. The gifted-endorsement candidates spend the first week observing master teachers, and then the endorsement candidates take it from there.

All of this learning and instruction, in one of the best cultural arts settings in the nation, helps Atlanta Public Schools take arts education to the next level. APS has partnered with the Woodruff Arts Center to establish the Atlanta Studio Conservatory, a fine-arts school that will be housed in the planned Woodruff complex expansion for the 2011-2012 school year. APS and the Woodruff signed a “new project memorandum” for the school back in early May.

“We want to make it possible for our students to be a position in which, when they graduate from high school, they will already have had a conservatory atmosphere in the arts,” explained APS Fine Arts Director Cynthia Terry. “This way, when they get to a performing-arts college or conservatory, they won’t need to take developmental courses. They’ll be better prepared.”

Program Coordinator Althea Bolton can feel the excitement among the students, especially those who are returning for their second year. “The excitement is about not being in a traditional classroom setting,” said Bolton, who pointed to a Thursday morning pre-lecture from members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra followed by an ASO rehearsal. “They don’t get this in a normal classroom setting. The key piece to this program is for the students to realize, if they’re going to be true artists, they need to put in the time to perfect their craft. And being in this atmosphere helps acclimate them to that idea.”

Check out the classes the students are taking, at the jump …

“Build A Better Roller coaster”

Love them or hate them, roller coasters are amazing. Have you ever wondered how thrilling roller coasters like Goliath at Six Flags are designed? How does a roller coaster designer push the limits of their imagination to create these marvels? This summer YOU will be a roller coaster designer! Investigate the mathematics and physics needed to design a thrilling yet safe roller coaster ride. You will designed (and possibly build!) your very own roller coaster.
Instructor: Andrew Nichols, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“Awesome Innovations!”
Do you love to explore? Would you like to create a new product? Join us in the Innovations Lab, where we will investigate how every day products like tooth paste, lip-gloss, candy and much more are made. It is not the sugar and salt for scientists alone. Let’s have fun as you develop, advertise and market your own brand.
Instructor: Lilly Gona, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“Break The Code!”
Use game theory and mathematics to solve codes and win games. We will look at simple games, such as Tic-tac-toe, and more advanced games, like Mastermind. We will discuss and design strategies for winning. Logic can help us choose the best path.
Instructor: Aaron Sayler, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“Hey, What’s Cooking?”
Explore the world of chemistry. NOT in the classic chemistry or mad scientist lab full of strange substances that bubble and ooze, but WAC Lab. When your favorite tasty treats are made, the fundamental principles of chemistry are involved. Our universe is made up of matter! As a “matter” of fact it takes up space. Interested in making your own ice cream, rock candy, flip-flop slime and more? This is the class for you!
Instructor: Shannon Harris, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“The Young Apprentice!”
Have you ever wanted to create your own business and commercial? Well, this is your time. Develop your own business plan, from marketing, to jingle, and motto. Produce a commercial to be aired on WAC-TV, Channel 14.
Instructor: Patia Odom-Mitchell, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“Culinary Customs and Traditions From Around the World”
Come create and feast upon varied and tasty dishes from around the world. Sample chocolate ganache from France, Lemon Cheesecake from Italy, Butter Cookies from Germany, and much more. Don your chef’s hat and apron as you prepare to learn about the magnificent cultures and traditions that have given us chocolate, cream cheese, butter, and pure delight. It promises to be a sweet and savory journey around the world. Bon Appetit!
Instructor: Rita Long-Davis, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“Lights, Camera, Action, Take 1”
Are you the next new screenwriter of 2010? All undiscovered directors, actors, poets, and writers, this class is for you. Would you like to see your life experiences as a teen in the ATL on the big screen? Write the next Drum Line or ATL movie. Select pictures, poetry, and music that will be combined to bring your experiences as a teen to the big screen. You will write, produce, direct, and star in your own movie!
Instructor: Robin Glenn, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“No Party Poopers Allowed”
Do you wish you could have a party as big as “Super Sweet 16” and be the talk of the town? Plan and host the most outrageous party. You will discover the important elements of the entertainment world while working with a budget, researching venues, designing invitations, booking entertainers, and even creating party favors. Be the person everyone wants to know!
Instructor: LaQuise Vincent, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“Beauty In The Beast”
In the real world life isn’t a fairytale, especially if you are a teenager and trying to stay positive in a society of many pressures. Challenge the beast in your life through poetry and spoken word, whether it’s dating, depression, popularity, or self-esteem. You will be able to express your thoughts creatively and discover the beauty within a bad situation. Recite your poetry “Spoken Word” style using music and take home the published class poetry collection.
Instructor: Kamilah Rose, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“You Be The Judge”
Step into your own courtroom and decide Guilty or Not Guilty. Come explore specific areas of law, courtroom procedures, roles of courtroom personnel, and how U.S. courts resolve conflicts. Enhance research and public speaking skills as you argue a case in a mock trial.
Instructor: Felicia Miller, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“Digital Storytelling”
Calling all young directors! Creative young minds are needed to chronicle the last decade of United States history though the art of digital storytelling. In this workshop, you will discover the essential elements of making digital movies while investigating some of the most important historical events of the decade. Use Animoto and PhotoStory 3 to create movies that will give even Tyler Perry a run for his money!
Instructor: Tiffany Franklin, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“The Trip Of Your Dreams”
Pack your bags, and let’s take a journey of a lifetime! Explore the Andes or venture into the jungles of Africa and everywhere in between. Drive from San Francisco to New York City. Take a boat to Thailand, get lost in Tokyo, bus it from Lima to Santiago, kick back in Rio and finish up in Pretoria for the World Cup, 2010.
Instructor: Leslie Robertson, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“Do The Write Thing”
Wanted: budding and creative young authors and illustrators to join the prestigious Put It In Writing Publishing Company. See your work in print! Create your own best seller! There is a book in you just waiting to be published!
Instructor: Londie Smith, Gifted Endorsement Candidate

“The Doctors”
Scientific studies indicate that we are truly what we eat. What are you? Are you Hot Fries, Honey Buns, Oreos, Hot wings and sodas? Learn how the foods we eat influence our brain capacity, energy and athletic performance. Also, learn how to prepare nutritious meals and snacks that not only promote healthy living but taste good too!!!
Instructor: DeMarco Mitchell and Mr. Stephen Townsend, Gifted Endorsement Candidates

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  1. My daughter is currently attending the Summer Academy. She participates in 2 morning classes that creatively engage her in learning. She has orchestra instruction in the afternoon. We are both pleased with the program. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi, I like this posting on APS.
    I think it’s interesting and also informative at the same time.
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