Young Middle welcomes Little Kids Rock — and rocks

Big thanks to Young Middle orchestra director Erik Herndon for pointing out this article in today’s AJC, in which singer-songwriter Joshua Radin of the popular Little Kids Rock organization visited the school to share his thoughts on the value of music and help donate instruments to 30 students. (OK, it probably didn’t hurt that Mr. Herndon, a passionate advocate for Little Kids Rock, was quoted in the article, but he’s already a rock star at APS.)

As Radin walked the kids through the chord progressions, Erik Herndon, the orchestra director and guitar instructor at Jean Childs Young and an Atlanta ambassador for LKR, stood nearby with this own guitar, spiritedly playing along.
Herndon is an energetic emissary for LKR because he has seen its benefits in the classroom.
“[This program] has empowered my students to explore their creativity, self-expression and passion for music,” Herndon said. “Imagine a classroom where students are just as comfortable interpreting Alicia Keys as they are Bach or jamming out on Beatles songs before band and orchestra classes.”

It’s community partners like these that help keep our students on their path to success. Thanks to Little Kids Rock and Mr. Herndon for sharing the good news.

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