Financial Literacy Workshops Take Over Classrooms at Jackson High School

Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation partnered with Bank of America to conduct financial literacy workshops for the entire student population of Maynard Jackson High School on October 30th.  For two class periods, 75 Executives from Bank of America held interactive workshops in each classroom explaining the basics of checking & savings accounts, credit scores, and the importance of forming good fiscal habits. The employees provided workbooks for the students and discussed college preparations, including grants, loans, and programs offered by Bank of America. A pre and post analysis was conducted to determine what the students absorbed from the workshops. It was a great experience for students to ask questions and learn directly from professionals about a subject that is useful and practical in real life.

“Maynard Jackson High is proud of this partnership and for this great opportunity to focus on a subject that is not taught in isolation in the curriculum,” says Lola Azuana, College Bound Program Manager. “Financial literacy is the bedrock for becoming a fully functioning member of society and it’s important for students to develop good financial habits early on.”

This event was sponsored by Operation HOPE, a non-profit organization that utilizes financial literacy as a tool to “make free enterprise and capitalism work for all.” Operation HOPE collaborated with the Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation, a non-profit youth leadership development organization, to raise students’ interest in financial literacy.

For more information, please visit Operation HOPE and Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation.

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