Celebrating National School Bus Safety Week: Meet Dispatchers Sandy Asemota and Michelle Muhammad

By: Alicia Sands Lurry

In recognition of National School Bus Safety Week, the following feature is the final in a series of short articles highlighting Atlanta Public Schools Transportation Department employees and their commitment to keep students safe – both on and off the school bus.

NBSW 2017_Sandy Asemota Michelle Muhammad
Sandy Asemota, left, and Michelle Muhammad, work as dispatchers with the Atlanta Transportation Department. 

Meet Sandy Asemota.

In her role as a dispatcher with the APS Transportation Department, Sandy Asemota answers calls regarding buses or students, dispatches buses, and answers messages from schools and the Transportation Call Center. She also informs drivers about weather conditions and makes sure that buses remain on time.

It’s a huge responsibility, but Asemota is more than equipped to do the job.

“I’m the connecting point with bus drivers, children and parents,” said Asemota, who began her APS transportation career as a bus driver before transitioning to a crossing guard and a dispatcher. “It’s important for students to know the rules of entering the bus safely by taking their seats properly and being cognizant of their behavior so they know what the safety rules are: No running, jumping, or standing.”

Asemota’s colleague, Michelle Muhammad, is just as passionate about safety.

A self-described logistics professional, Muhammad said her role as a dispatcher involves making certain that transportation situations are handled and resolved as seamlessly as possibly.

“Our objective is to keep school administrators happy and to bridge a gap or a connection in the community between students, families and bus operators,” Muhammad said. “And as a dispatcher, you do the research and gather all the facts to make proper decisions. We strive very hard to keep everyone safe.”

Congratulations to all of our transportation employees! Be sure to click here for more tips on school bus safety, courtesy of the National Association for Pupil Transportation.

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